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KGN Technologies offers complete range of Web development solutions with strong portfolio of developing highly customized CMS and eCommerce websites. We have team of exceptionally talented, trained and well experienced Front End Developers, PHP Programmers and PhoneGap Mobile App Developers who have strongly contributed in producing outstanding bespoke Magento eCommercebespoke WordPress CMS & bespoke Joomla eCommerce websites for leading digital and web agencies who demand exceptional customer service and high quality standards. As a professional web development company, we are experts in delivering pixel perfect and cleanly coded CMS and Ecommerce web development solutions. Our clients highly recommend us for our high level communication, project management and paying acute attention to detail keeping our service standards high.

A recent Testimonial from a reputed UK digital agency “KGN Technologies has an honest, reliable and highly supportive team. The most important thing is that they have excellent communication, efficient project management and quality control process. They understand the business culture of US, UK, Australia and Europe and seriousness of producing perfectly coded, pixel perfect well structured websites whether CMS or eCommerce development.

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    Magento Go To Be Shut Down By Feb 2015

    The cloud based solution of Magento is to bring down its curtains next year. Several reasons have been predicted however primarily it is thought that Magento Go failed to make its mark particularly struggling against popular competitors such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and few others. Senior staff at eBay has reportedly told that they need to focus more indepth on two of its main products which are Magento Community and Magento enterprise. So the retailers operating their online stores on Magento Go will have to consider migrating and the most obvious option is to go with Magento community. KGN Technologies have worked on Magento Go and also have a strong portfolio of building Magento community websites. We can help you with migrating from Magento Go to Magento Community version.

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    IR TOP 500 ranks Magento as the fastest growing eCommerce platform

    In the latest edition of 2014 IR Top 500 Guide for US and Canada, Magento eCommerce has come ahead as a top provider to the 500 top internet retailers. This is a great demonstration of capability of Magento to have confidence and support of top retail companies who do business of several hundred million dollars online using this amazing eCommerce platform. The midmarket online sector seems to be growingly using Magento now which has resulted in it taking the lead ahead of Oracle. Since eBay has taken over Magento, it has backed it up providing outstanding online retail expertise and combined it further with the powerful technical Magento solutions which have certainly paid off gaining more growth.

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Engaging, Quality Pictures Are Better Than Lengthy Content?

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Need Help for Migrating To Magento Community from Magento Go?

With recent move by eBay to shut down Magento Go, it’s a critical situation for retailers using this platform to migrate their stores to stable ecommerce development platforms. We offer a smooth and risk free migration of Magento Go websites to more stable and highl Read More