18May Open Source eCommerce platforms 2018

Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms with Pros & Cons for 2018

What are your options for open source eCommerce platforms? Pros and cons of some of the popular open platforms so you can choose the one that will be most effective for you!

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30Mar Product Page Crafting Tips

Tips For Crafting A Great Experience On The Product Page

When looking to increase the performance of your ecommerce website and achieve more conversions, there are many factors to consider. Your product pages are key pages to get right, but there are lots of different elements to optimise. Lets check them out.

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19Dec Shopify vs WooCommerce

Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is Better Option?

Shopify and Woocommerce are two of the major platforms most SMB companies are considering for their eCommerce store. Trying to decide whether Shopify or WooCommerce is better for your project? Let’s dive into this comparison of Shopify vs. WooCommerce.

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Configure Google Analytics Ecommerce In Magento

Google Analytics can be considered as one of the finest services coming out from Google for those are actively managing their websites. It allows you to pay more attention on important elements such as tracking, conversion and user behavior.

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13Dec Improve Magento Conversion Rate

Effective Tips For Improving Magento Conversion Rate

The online store owners don’t realize how much money they could earn if they invest just a small amount of time and money into conversion rate optimization. We have outlined proven strategies that you should implement in order to improve store conversation rate.

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02Aug Signs of Genuine Ecommerce Website

8 Signs of Genuine & Real Ecommerce Website

As Ecommerce is growing at unprecedented pace, it’s so important that shopping websites adopt the policies that are reflected on their website ensuring consumer satisfaction is given utmost important. Check out how that can be achieved.

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22Jul WordPress Ecommerce Plugins 2016

WordPress Best Free Ecommerce Plugins

WordPress is increasingly being used as an Ecommerce system. There are several plugins available which have also evolved tremendously competing with popular Ecommerce platforms. We have compiled here list of Ecommerce plugins that can be used in WP.

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30Jun eCommerce website key elements

Must Have Elements of eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are more revenue oriented and face fierce competition. So to get the best out of them needs planning and getting the basics right. In this post we have highlighted some crucial elements required that helps to be effective enough.

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31May Magento Extensions 2016

2016 Top Magento Extensions

Here we present some of the top Magento extensions which are really worth recommending. We have used numerous ones in our experience of Magento development but this list includes some of the best for this year.

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28Mar Magento Order Email Issue

Magento Development Solution: When Order confirmation email is not sent in Magento 1.9.x

We have investigated a developed code which can help to overcome an issue of Order confirmation email not sent to customer when upgraded version of Magento 1.9.x is used. Read through for more details and also understand the other factors to be careful of.

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02Mar Magento Order Status Pending

When Order Status Is Shown As Pending Payment In Magento Backend Even If Its Paid In Paypal. Find Out The Solution

A repeated issue we came across when Magento backend showed order status pending while the customer has actually had a confirmation of PayPal payment. Our team did the trouble shooting & with help of PayPal support found the solution. Find out more on this.

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19Jan Magento Shipping Extensions

List of Best Shipping Extensions for Magento

Shipping Services play an important role in a ecommerce website and to have it efficiently functioning is critical for maintaining the trust of your customer. Here we have compiled list of some of the best Shipping extensions you can use in 2016.

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28Dec Migrating to Magento 2.0

Migrating Easily to Magento 2 And It’s Benefits Over Previous Versions

Magento 2.0 has been now officially made available and it promises to be a solid eCommerce development platform. Our Magento developers have been following up the new Magento 2.0 structure quite closely to be abe to follow the new Magento development standard.

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22Oct Prepare Ecommerce Website for Holiday Rush

Holiday Season Is Approaching. It’s Time To Act Now And Get Your Site Prepared To Handle The Rush

Christmas and New Year are round the corner as we are approaching the end of 2015. Online buying is set to soar which means that your website should be in perfect state with essential infrastructure available to support the rush.

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15Oct Social Media Ecommerce Websites

How Ecommerce Businesses Can Utilise Social Media for Marketing

Social Media has immensely revolutionized Ecommerce and it’s a vital market to promote business brands and their services. It’s important to plan your strategy to efficiently use highly popular social websites. Find out the most smart techniques to apply.

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30Jul Magento Ecommerce website Designs

Some Exceptional Magento Ecommerce Website Designs

As a reliable Magento Ecommerce website development agency, we have worked on several complex Magento websites and come across many excellent Magento Designs. We have featured some good Magento designs that provide a good user experience.

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28Apr Reasons Why Website Losing Sales

Key Reasons Why Ecommerce Website Lose Sales

If your website low performance is giving you a pain, you need to understand the underlying factors that result in low conversions. It’s very important to have basics done correctly and not ignoring the points highlighted in this article.

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09Dec WooCommerce For eCommerce

WordPress WooCommerce – A Powerful Plugin That Helps You Sell Anything Online Beautifully

WordPress has evolved immensely over the years and is now capable to provide a strong platform for Ecommerce Websites. How far it has come across when we compare it with something like Magento? Is it good Ecommerce Solution and if it has limitations?

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Top Fashion eCommerce Sites Built In Magento

Explore the beautiful collection of some outstanding fashion eCommerce websites built in Magento.  Clean and visually appealing fashion websites with superb quality, large size images and videos used.

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List of Outstanding WordPress Themes for Restaurant & Café Websites

If you own a business like restaurant or cafe etc. and looking to explore it over internet then you should check this wonderful collection of (handpicked) WordPress restaurant and cafe themes which may help you build your desired website.

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Some Outstanding WordPress Themes for Interior Design Websites

Interior Design is a creative industry and their websites should be creative and elegant showcasing the work in the most professional and attractive way. WordPress fits in best for such business websites and there are some amazing WordPress themes available for Interior D

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Need Help for Migrating To Magento Community from Magento Go?

With recent move by eBay to shut down Magento Go, it’s a critical situation for retailers using this platform to migrate their stores to stable ecommerce development platforms. We offer a smooth and risk free migration of Magento Go websites to more stable and highl

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KGN Technologies Updates Its eWay Magento Extension

KGN Technologies has a popular eWay Magento extension on Magento Connect. We have updated it with the latest features compliant with latest payment gateway methodology as per eWay standards. It’s free and works fine with all Magento versions including Magento 1.9 Read More


Popular and Top Magento Extensions for eCommerce Websites

There are number of Magento extensions available and developed which are most often used for a Bespoke eCommerce website which is really more specific to business requirement. Here we  have compiled a list of very useful and important extensions which our Magento develop

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11Mar Magento Go

Review: How does Magento Go look for 2014 as an option for ecommerce website development?

Magento Go is the cloud based version of Magento Ecommerce. It includes all necessary features at basic level which you need to run an eCommerce Website. We have worked on several Magento Go Ecommerce development websites and here is our review about it. Can it be conside

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05Mar Checkout Process

Best Practice and Efficient Checkout Method in Ecommerce Websites

Short, Simple, Easy and Quick check out makes life so easy and improves website Conversion. Check out few best practices which can tremendously improve successful cart check outs and reduce abandons.

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Modern Ecommerce Website Designs for Inspiration

For eCommerce Websites, design is the most important aspects to enhance conversions. Find the bunch of few splendidly designed eCommerce websites, which can gives you some ideas to design your eCommerce website that stand out in crowd.

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12Nov eCommerce websites

Improve your eStore Conversion Rate

For any eCommerce store, their conversion rate is one important element that decides success or failure. How can one improve conversion rate? Read essential tips given in this article which can surely help you giving the edge.

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12Nov Magento SEO

Magento eCommerce Website SEO Tips

Magento eCommerce is one of the most search-engine friendly eCommerce systems. To make any eStore visible to its potential buyers, there are lots of techniques within Magento interface that a store admin can implement to enhance store SEO rankings.

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12Nov Checkout Process

Checkout Process Should be?

Online shopping can be great experience for your customer, if they have been provided with checkout process which is easy to understand, short, simple and quick. Redesign your store checkout format and reduce cart abandons.

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