25May Enable HTTPS Website Chrome

Chrome Will Mark Non-HTTPS Sites As ‘not secure’ From July 2018

Chrome browser will soon flag every site that doesn’t use HTTPS encryption. Starting in July, with the launch of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ and prominently highlight this in its URL bar.

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10May Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

Steps To Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in May 2018. Is your website ready? Learn how to make your site compliant right here.

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28Dec Migrating to Magento 2.0

Migrating Easily to Magento 2 And It’s Benefits Over Previous Versions

Magento 2.0 has been now officially made available and it promises to be a solid eCommerce development platform. Our Magento developers have been following up the new Magento 2.0 structure quite closely to be abe to follow the new Magento development standard.

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14Oct HTML6 Expected Features

10 Advance Features You Can Expect in HTML6

For Web Developers, HTML 5 is already a widely accepted standard. The prediction for HTML 6 are even more promising and is set to further enhance the web development technology to higher level.

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07Aug WordPress 4.2.4- Security Update

WordPress 4.2.4 Is Out Now, Critical Security Issues Fixed & Recommended To Upgrade Immediately

WordPress has made a latest 4.2.4 version available which is considered to be more security oriented release and it is highly recommended to immediately update WordPress websites to this latest most secure version and avoid vulnerabilities.

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24Jun Important Questions for preparing Website Development Scope

20 Very Important Questions for preparing Website Development Scope

A successful web development project needs proper planning and getting answers to some very basic questions is MUST before laying out the foundations. We have compiled here some critical questions to be clarified upfront before you start website development.

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10Jun http/2

What Is HTTP/2 And How It Will Boost Web Page Loading Time?

HTTP/2 is an advance protocol that essentially speeds up the web browsing using modern ways of transforming data between the browser and server across the internet. Let’s dig down more about to check how it could affect your business.

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22Apr Browser Compatibility Testing

Top Modern Cross Browser Testing Tools

Testing is a tedious task and it takes longer time to manually test in every browser and device and generate a report.  Use efficient testing tools which can help you enormously in saving time and quickly getting reports for further action.

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05Mar Maria Sharapova Official Website

Official Websites of Some of the Popular Tennis Players in the World

We bring you an absolutely brilliant list of stunning websites which belong to some of the world’s leading Tennis Super Stars. These website have been excellently crafted truly reflecting the personality and passion of each of these great players.

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Inhouse Training on jQuery Web Programming

In recent years our experience of working on bespoke web development projects has helped us to earn outstanding jQuery programming knowledge as some of our project demanded comprehensive use of jQuery to build bespoke, highly creative and advance web systems. Our team got

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04Feb Cloud Storage Services

List of Popular Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage has emerged as great data storage solution providing tremendous accessibility to users. Numerous options both paid & free available offering huge space to store files, images, videos accessible from anywhere through smartphones, tablets or PCs.

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30Jan Website Speed Optimization

Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

Having fast loading website is mandatory to success on the web. Lacking in optimizing speed can affect your reputation and conversion. Check out some important factors that can help you in improving the loading speed of your website.

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KGN Technologies 4th Anniversary Celebrations

KGN Technologies celebrates it’s 4th Anniversary on New Years Eve. Here is more insight into some joyful celebrations which took place in our office courtesy of our lovely staff members.

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