Custom PHP Development Service by KGN Technologies:

Lot of web applications these days are based on PHP and majority of popular technologies such as Zend Framework, Magento eCommerce, Joomla, WordPress etc are PHP based. In spite of numerous off the shelf products available there still are business requirements which require custom PHP development. The fundamentals of Core PHP, Object Oriented Programming concepts and some basic programming logical thinking are must a good PHP Developer should possess. KGN Technologies, an expert website development company has Technical Directors and senior PHP developers who have made their hands dirty in some of the most complicated and challenging projects which required extensive PHP Programming and sound logical concept understanding.  Our core services of CMS and eCommerce website development rely heavily on the sound PHP fundamentals our team has.

We offer PHP/MySQL based:

A) Custom Web development Service:

Whether you have a bespoke portal, blog, eCommerce or CMS web application requirement we can help you with completely customized website development using PHP programming. The advantage you can take from this is that you can have features and simplicity in the web application as per your requirement only. This also helps you avoid unnecessary functionality features which aren’t required and unnecessarily increases the Database file sizes.  Our technical PHP Developer team can help you with designing as well as custom development.

B) Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development:

Lot of readily available eCommerce software products include many features and functionalities which may not be required or create unnecessary complexity for user. This also many times affects the size of database and overall eCommerce store performance.  Using Custom PHP ecommerce development services you can have a cleanly hand coded bespoke online store with features and functionalities precisely crafted as per your business needs. The liberty of having independent system can help you focus on having a secure, fast, easy to use and completely unique eCommerce system. KGN TECHNOLOGIES PHP DEVELOPERS HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE of developing Bespoke eCommerce websites with sound system architecture, security, userfriendliness, SEO enhanced and most importantly fulfilling all basic and custom eCommerce functionality you want to achieve.

C) Hiring Dedicated PHP Developer:

Hiring a Dedicated PHP Developer from KGN Technologies can assure you with the best of the talents with extensive technical knowledge, efficient communication and task management and quality customer services. Our PHP Developers are well versed in:

  • MySQL 4 , MySQL 5
  • PHP4 and PHP5
  • MVC Frameworks: CI (Code Ignitor), Zend Framework, CakePHP
  • Web Services types: XML, AJAX, JSON, SOAP
  • Open Source Technologies: Magento eCommerce, WordPress, Joomla
  • jQuery - Java Script Library, Mootools and Prototype JS

What Sets Apart PHP Developers at KGN Technologies:

At KGN Technologies our recruitment process is vigorous and only gives chance to best of the talents to come on board and join us. We offer our team members a superbly friendly and state of the art infrastructure to work in. We invest heavily in improving the knowledge and skills of our PHP Developers by regularly organizing inhouse training sessions, work evaluation feedback and more personal one to one professional skills enhancement coaching. Our team is groomed to produce best quality PHP code development.

  • Dedicated PHP Developers will be available for communication through Skype and email.
  • 8 hours a day (Anytime from 9 am to 7.30 pm Indian Standard Time)
  • Project Management through Base Camp.
  • Monthly or fortnightly billing cycle.