Inhouse Training on jQuery Web Programming

In recent years our experience of working on bespoke web development projects has helped us to earn outstanding jQuery programming knowledge as some of our project demanded comprehensive use of jQuery to build bespoke, highly creative and advance web systems. Our team got

13Jun Top jQuery Placeholder Plugins

Top jQuery HTML5 Placeholder Plugins

Placeholder’s gives user guidance particularly for filling up forms for contact, newsletter o order placement. It’s important functionality and must have in modern web technology. Here we have complied useful placeholder plugins for jQuery with lots of features.

09Jun Top jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins

Top jQuery Filter & Sort Plugins

At KGN Technologies we most often use jQuery Plugins for filtering and sorting. We have compiled some of the best and most useful ones here for you which can really help you get the best effects and most efficient filtering functionality.

12Nov JQuery Flash

JQuery vs. Flash?

It is always recommended to use the correct tool for any job. Selection of wrong tool can cause you very badly in web development too. JQuery vs Flash? Select the best by going through their pros and cons.