19Jan Magento Shipping Extensions

List of Best Shipping Extensions for Magento

Shipping Services play an important role in a ecommerce website and to have it efficiently functioning is critical for maintaining the trust of your customer. Here we have compiled list of some of the best Shipping extensions you can use in 2016.


KGN Technologies Updates Its eWay Magento Extension

KGN Technologies has a popular eWay Magento extension on Magento Connect. We have updated it with the latest features compliant with latest payment gateway methodology as per eWay standards. It’s free and works fine with all Magento versions including Magento 1.9


Popular and Top Magento Extensions for eCommerce Websites

There are number of Magento extensions available and developed which are most often used for a Bespoke eCommerce website which is really more specific to business requirement. Here we  have compiled a list of very useful and important extensions which our Magento develop

29Jan AJAX in Magento

Application of AJAX in Magento Development and Few Magento AJAX Extensions

Where AJAX technology can be used in your eCommerce website? Why it consider an important element of eCommerce website? Which are the famous AJAX extensions for Magento eCommerce website? All answers at one place!

10Jan Payment Gateways Extension

Recommended Reliable and Top Payment Gateways Extensions for Magento

Payments systems are very crucial for eCommerce websites. For eCommerce store it is necessary to integrate the highly secure and popular payment gateways extension into their store to win the customer trust and keep store sales persist.

30Dec Product Zoom Magento Extension

Best Product Zoom Magento Extensions

Images tells thousands words and could be the hero of your eCommerce store so when it comes to product image, make sure it should be intuitive, elegant and most importantly zoom-able.


Must have Magento Extensions

There are number of Magento extensions available on Magento Connect. During our Magento eCommerce development we have used few outstanding ones which can be fairly useful. Check here some of the top Magento extensions.