Good Magento Developers: Desired Qualities and Technical Tips to be Successful

An efficient and good Magento developer comprises qualities of best practice technical development, superb solution oriented and customer service attitude, quick and efficient code production and good communication. Find out more about some the desired skills, qualities and practice a “super magento developer” should follow in extension development.

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Broken websites puts off potential visitors – Is Quality Analysis so important?

Quality Check is super important – Every aspect of your website must be good and working flawlessly. Speed, Images, Text, Alignment, Forms, Videos, links, devices, browsers etc. Casual attitude towards quality can do lot of damage. Have a read through some important quality checking points which can set you straight with basics.

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Popular Front-End Development Frameworks

Front end development framework is simply a collection of tools such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript components that saves developer hours of work. Here we have complied few most popular front end development frameworks.

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