Best Project Tracking Systems for Web Development Team

Project management tools have revolutionized the development of Web Projects. It’s very important to track tasks, monitor time, project files resource management and much more. We have used few good tools but here is the list of best project tracking systems.

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KGN Technologies Updates Its eWay Magento Extension

KGN Technologies has a popular eWay Magento extension on Magento Connect. We have updated it with the latest features compliant with latest payment gateway methodology as per eWay standards. It’s free and works fine with all Magento versions including Magento 1.9

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Top jQuery HTML5 Placeholder Plugins

Placeholder’s gives user guidance particularly for filling up forms for contact, newsletter o order placement. It’s important functionality and must have in modern web technology. Here we have complied useful placeholder plugins for jQuery with lots of features.

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Top jQuery Filter & Sort Plugins

At KGN Technologies we most often use jQuery Plugins for filtering and sorting. We have compiled some of the best and most useful ones here for you which can really help you get the best effects and most efficient filtering functionality.

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