Through AJAX (A asynchronous JavaScript and XML), you can enhance user experience of your magento powered websites. Using third-party JS libraries such as JQuery or (in build library) Prototype, implementing AJAX in Magento based websites has become easy. Those magneto powered ecommerce websites build with AJAX technology, often loads much faste.  By implementing AJAX in Magento websites, you can have fast loading website which is an essential feature for enhancing your ecommerce store SEO score. As we know, magento is a giant structure which is a bit slow in comparison to other popular open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla. So for those owning Magento powered websites it has become more essential to use AJAX to make Magento website faster by reducing page re-loads tasks especially in the state where you only need a specific section to update.

Implementing AJAX in Magento barely requires too much effort. Hire experienced magento developer to implement AJAX into your magento store efficiently.

Below you will see useful AJAX extensions and how they are useful in order to enhance your store performance.

There are various ways we use AJAX in magento website:

1. Firstly, we can create AJAX based cart where this feature enables buyer to add the products to cart without redirecting to the cart page. In this case the cart appears as a pop up and customers are facilitated to purchase without any retention.

AJAX Cart Pro by aheadWorks :

AJAX Cart Pro, one of the popular extensions for Magento store, allows your customer to effortlessly add and remove the products from your store without requiring to  continuously click the refresh button. The extension works on the shopping cart and wishlist page that means your customer wouldn’t need to wait until the page refresh, they are able to add or remove products continuously.

Using AJAX Cart Pro extension, when any native product type is added to cart from category page, your buyers will not redirect to product page, instead they will be ablea to select product options exactly from the pop-up confirmation dialog.

2. We use AJAX in multiple subscription forms such as customer login and register.

Youama Ajax Login and Register

This extension creates pop ups for login and new user registration that works via AJAX and disable the default login and register pages.


  1. Animated popup windows for login and registration.
  2. Background server side validating process runs on the basis of AJAX technology.
  3. Register and Login link added to the top.
  4. My Account toplink removed when user not logged in.
  5. Default Magento Login and Register Pages removed (with redirect).
  6. Settings page, login to admin: System -> Configuration -> Youama -> Youama Ajax Login and Register page.

3. Essential AJAX extensions:

 AJAX Catalog extension is an innovative extension solely for content updates.

Layered Navigation, optimize store navigation and allow your store buyers to fish the desired products quickly and easily.

Home Tabs Pro extension displays the  most popular products on Home page of your store in tabs automatically using AJAX.

One Step Checkout, reduces the number of checkout steps and allow customer to buy products in just single mouse click. AJAX based update of each steps is implemented in this extension.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest use AJAX technology for completing buyers search requests. The extension makes it simple for customers to find exactly what they need quickly.

AJAX technology, due to its extreme capabilities and internal properties, has gained wide spread popularity and is use in development practices. It has been built with the aim to improve the user satisfaction and provide happy shopping experience.