Checkout ProcessAs per research, most cart abandonments happen during checkout. Well there are so many other factors too and in this blog we intend to outline few best and most efficient practices which can potentially help reducing ecommerce store cart abandonments and increase your conversions.



Clear progressive bar

Don’t confuse your customer with progress of their checkout process. Let your customer know the steps involved in checkout process. This would help them understand the checkout process and the time it will take them to complete the order. This progress bar indicator gives them clue about where they are and what will be the next step they expect to follow.

Make registration optional

Just because you would like to use accounts associated with your website for marketing purpose, it isn’t a good idea to put this barrier in your customers way while they are about to complete the order. There are many customers who don’t prefer to sign up for newsletter and have a permanent account. They should be facilitated to purchase products as guest customer. Many people feel frustrated to add excessive information other than what is needed to place an order. If your service impresses them they will approach themselves again creating a log in account with you for future purchase.

Offering gust checkout is one of the best practices of all time for ecommerce stores.

Stop asking to fill up same information again at different steps and purchases

Since i have made a purchase with you and you have all my personal details like my name, email address, residential address and contact number, then it is not an ideal strategy to ask me to fill up these fields again since I’m already logged in and opting for a checkout. The more efforts you ask your customer to put, the more likely they are going to switch to other better service provider.

Show them you are secure and trustworthy

Ecommerce business is all about trust, security and good customer service. Security is of paramount importance as there have been numerous incidents of online frauds and data leaks. Such news hits customer confidence which directly affects the ecommerce conversions. It is more important to establish the sense of trust and security with customers by showing security icons on the transactions and payment pages.

No hidden charges should pop up during checkout

According to studies, hidden charges are one of the reasons for most cart abandons. People do online shopping because of two reasons; first is to save the time and second to get the best possible deals. Showing additional charges at the end of transactions is a huge let down for customers and root cause of most cart abandons.

It is best practice to show the complete payment summary clearly on the checkout page including tax and shipping charges.

Allow them make order through their preferred payment method

It is an ideal strategy to show all secured, trusted and preferred payment options to your potential customers. Apart from popular card payment options, it is also good option to offer cash on delivery, this would encourage customers to complete the checkout process.

Keep it short, simple and to the point. Go for one page check out

Your checkout process needs to be kept as simple, as short and as intuitive as possible which not only helps customer checkout happily but also encourages them to buy again from you. This is not a stage to distract or make them rethink but it’s about gaining their trust and making them complete their payments. Go for one page check out which allows them to fill up basic contact information and make payments through one single step.

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