Web Project Management ToolsWith tons of web development task all with varying degree of importance and priorities, it is necessary that the developers should not get overwhelmed with trivial things and don’t get too many distractions. They should be clearly in position to work on well classified tasks with time tracking so that the project can achieve the targets as per the milestones set and within expected time frame. Thankfully there are some amazing web project management tools available which help heaps in smoothly managing web projects making it possible to track time, tasks, projects, and teams and improving overall efficiency.

Here we have compiled Top Project Management and task tracking tools highly recommended for web development work. We hope you will let us know what you think about them in comments; good or bad experience and if you have better one you’d like to suggest. Below list is in no particular order.



One of the popular tools from Atlassian is used for bug tracking, issue tracking and task management. The tool features simple and clean interface with flexible and customizable workflows for each project and/or issue type including subtasks. Here you can track multiple, unrelated projects all within a single JIRA instance. Moreover, there is a huge plugin library to extend the built-in functionality of JIRA for further making the task distribution even smoother.



This is widely used project management tool in many leading web development firms. Asana was founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz (founders of a popular social network channel called Facebook) and Justin Rosenstein (was the Engineering Technical Lead at Facebook).

Asana highly emphasizes communication over the task tracking which suits best for elite team of extremely talented and skilled developers who need less management and more leadership.

It can be very useful for you team that consists of very productive and highly skilled individuals.

Get deep insight about Asana



One of the oldest project management tools in the web development industry which was started way back in 2004 and still has lot of fans. Staying in the market for that long indicates how popular it is! It has large user support, lot of useful tips and best practices can be found on internet. Web development teams that are looking for more flexibility with their workflow it is really good tool to use. It’s extremely easy to manage multiple tasks with Basecamp.

Basecamp is designed to be very user-friendly and It is very useful when it comes to working with non-computer-savvy individuals.



GitHub is quite developer-centric. It is a web based hosting tool for projects using the Git revision control system. It also offers features such as feeds, followers and the network graph to see how developers work on their versions of repository. It is free open source including unlimited public collaborators and public repositories. If you want to keep your code to yourself then upgraded plan starts from $7 per month.

Here you can read how to use GitHub.



Pintask is one of the most customizable task tracker tools. You can have it with extensions, installed from the extensions store. Through extensions like Mirroring of lists and cards or Hands-free time tracking, it accelerates the web development and it allows you to write your own extensions. It is very useful when you plan to automate your business.



Trello is targeted on individuals but works even better with others. It organizes the project quickly with easy to understand interface and every action is instantaneous, so you can have complete and full access of your project, no distraction at all.

Use this tool when your project needs more creative thoughts rather than hard execution.



Wrike is an efficient and reliable web based project management tool that gives complete control and visibility over your projects. It has been founded in 2006 and its first beta version was launched in 2007. There are tons of features this application has to offers that includes, it enables its user to control projects, editing schedules on a Gantt chart, file sharing, keeps an eyes on schedules and deadlines, priorities tasks and collaboration with others to get the things done accurately and quickly. Moreover, this software is available in different languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Wrike stands out in task management and it has scalable and affordable price structure.



Assembla is beautiful tool for cloud-based task and code management for software developers. So far it has hosts over 100,000 commercial and open source projects and has been widely accepted by over 800,000 users in more than 100 countries.

The company was officially formed in 2005 by Andy Singleton with the aim to recruit and manage distributed team to get the project done effectively and quickly.