Hardening WordPress

Many WordPress owners have faced vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, balckhole exploits and PHP code injections. WordPress is largely used CMS platform which has been targeted several times by hackers. How can you protect your site against such...

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Strong Reasons to Choose WordPress

WordPress initially started as blog publishing platform but later it has evolved as a versatile Content Management System (CMS). Facilitating complete control over website content, WordPress is a top class CMS with powerful tools and robust...

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Creepy Email Marketing Errors

Research supports that email marketing is an effective and an interactiv way to engage with audience. If you are looking to promote your business products and services through email marketing campaign then there are some common mistakes that you...

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Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is well-known for smooth accessibility and its terrific SEO capabilities. It offers range of SEO plugins which can help you build a completely search engine ready blog or business website.

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Increase Website Subscribers

Having a website or a blog is much rewarding if people are coming, reading, enjoying, buying and sharing your efforts but despite this increasing subscribers is another great challenge. Catch few fairly simple hacks that you can use without much...

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JQuery vs. Flash?

It is always recommended to use the correct tool for any job. Selection of wrong tool can cause you very badly in web development too. JQuery vs Flash? Select the best by going through their pros and cons.

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