About Us

Founded in 2009, Our focus has been to develop creative web solutions offering excellent technical development with solutions oriented approach. We started with a small team of 5 but with vision to capitalize and offer where most companies fail which is good quality, efficient project management with communication and timely delivery of projects. We work with amazing clients from US, UK, Australia and Europe who always come up with innovative designs which are modern and engaging and expect a reliable and clean technical web development.

Most importantly, we thoroughly pay attention to detail, provide excellent support and customer service. Our process and hard work are appreciated by our clients who strongly recommend us as a reliable custom CMS and eCommerce web development company.

KGN Technologies Vision Values and MIssion

Our vision and values

There is no short cut to success except being efficient and hard working. That is what we have incorporated in our company values right from start. There are three important things which we have worked hard to get into place from the very day we started. Those are delivering quality work, being efficient in communication & project execution and finally timely delivery of our service. So our priority is always to do good work but also love to have fun loving and enjoyable working environment. We love our lovely staff members. We work as a family and have a special bonding with everyone. Each and every team member is an important part of KGN Technologies. We go out for dinners, have ice cream at office, celebrate birthdays, organize weekend trips and occasionally when we get time we play cricket together. So hard work and enjoy what you do is our message for success.


Started in 2009 with a total team of 5.

First office was a terrace house apartment.

Within first six months were awarded two major projects involving well known brands.

We had a first client visit from UK to our office in 2012.

Moved to a brand new office with state of the art infrastructure in Oct 2012.

Current team strength is 55+ which includes best talented back-end Developers and front end developers.