As time is going by and technology is advancing, Google has introduced many new and advanced tools to help website owners to analyze how their website is performing.

There was a time when people were only aware of SEO and Google Analytics (GA) or maybe Google webmaster, but there is still a lot of confusion in normal user’s minds about what these tools actually do?

Apart from Analytics & Webmaster other Google tools that are gaining popularity are Tag Manager and Ads Manager. But today I am going to focus on what is the difference in Google Analytics and Google Search Console (GSC) which was previously known as the Webmaster tool.

Both of the above-mentioned tools have become a must-use free tool for every digital marketer and SEO expert for analyzing data and keep an eye on KPIs. Let’s look into more detail about the functionality of each tool and what makes them different from each other.

Google Search Console

Originally webmaster tool was built to show problems with the website and it was a feedback mechanism built by Google for its users, but as time passed by more functionalities were added to it. Basically, GSC is nothing but a new name for Google webmaster and there almost no difference in how it used to work before.

GSC reports on how a website is interacting with a search engine and check websites health related to Crawl Status, Indexing, and SERP. It’s a diagnostic tool that is vital to understand and improve on SEO so that your website works better with search and has relevant information to rank higher.

Google Analytics

Google launched Analytics on 14 November 2005 to provides full website statistics including visits, average time spent by user on-site, user demographics and bounce rate.

It’s like providing users with a full report on the dashboard. It helps your pull useful insights on how website users are doing with your website. It is vital to know user behavior and make key business decisions.

Google Analytics can be combined with other marketing offerings like Google Marketing Platform, Adsense and AdWords. you can integrate your campaigns within Google Analytics for tracking and reporting its performance.


To largely describe and differentiate between what each tool can be used for please see the list below:

For what all can GSC be used for:

  • Search analytics
  • Check internal links
  • Links to the site
  • Mobile usage
  • Google indexing report
  • Top keywords queries used by users

For what all can GA be used for:

  • Check demographics of users
  • Time spent by the user
  • Bounce rate
  • Unique Views
  • Landing Page Performance
  • Acquisition
  • Hour-wise traffic on the website

So to sum up, GSC is basically used for knowing how is your website is interconnecting with Google Search Engine and what can be possible reasons for your website not being ranked higher or a suggestion towards a better SEO

On the other hand, GA lets you know how is your target audience behaving, where are they from and what on your website is gaining interest. You can get a vast amount of data from GA represented beautifully help with marketing efforts and take business decisions

I hope the above article will help you to gain better ranking & more popularity by using GSC and increased profitability & audience insight by using GA, for what they are meant for, Thanks