Last month Magento developer’s community received some exciting news from Magento. The organization announced that the next generation open source digital commerce platform Magento 2.0 is available to use now which has several new features that empower brands, B2C and B2B industries and retailers to offers completely new stage for their consumers for even fast and happy online shopping experience. The latest version is equipped with new features to boost conversion rates, productivity and offers unmatched flexibility to global eCommerce owners to overcome the difficulties which they were facing in previous version.

Reasons for migrating to Magento 2

If you are using Magento’s earlier version then no need to panic as Magento will continue to support Magento 1 products for coming 3 years until 2018. Things which will change are that they will stop adding new features to previous versions and no security enhancement. There will be no major development and certainly Magento 1 will go into maintenance.

If you were planning to upgrade with Magento 2, then you should wait until 2016 or mid. The reason is that the power of Magento lies in its community – developers are already building extensions and companies are training their developers to get aware with Magento 2 new features and structure. In a nutshell, the Magento community is pulling sleeves up for the new product which means the focus is shifted to the new and better but obviously it’s going to take some time for everyone to get full grip about the latest version.

Flexible Structure

Magento 2 is next generation architecture that delivers unmatched flexibility and features a modular code base which means customization will be easy and quicker. Efficient APIs that will allow you to connect with any third party solution and theming capabilities enables building site variations for geographies and new product lines easier than ever. Range of new extensions makes enhancement to your store fast.

Improved Scalability and Performance

The Magento 2 is supercharged to offer over 50% faster performance to delight your customers across many catalog and checkout pages which will ultimately improve conversion rate. Its performance toolkit support to verify and optimize system performance and Varnish cache helps reducing server load and speed the page load.

Secure Payments

Moreover, Magento 2 offers high security which means transactions will be more secure. It is integrated with PayPal, Braintree, WorldPay, CyberSource abd payment gateways.

Easy Maintenance And Upgrade

This modern and flexible structure has incredibly reduced the complexity and cost of maintaining your eCommerce website and it further rightly justifies your investment by simplifying upgrades. That means you can easily add additional functionalities to meet your business requirements to drive higher sales and greater efficiency.

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