We all love to embrace websites which has spectacular visual effects, amazing graphics with illustrative designs. Such websites normally get more number of hits and keep users engaged. Parallax web design is one of the popular web design trend for creative web designers to present out of the box and visually appealing websites to the end users. We would like to present below some pros and cons of Parallax scrolling.

Why Parallax Design Trend is so popular?

Parallax Design offers brilliant visual experience. It’s quite natural that people are attracted towards website that has appealing look and feel. Through Parallax web design it is possible to reward the viewers at each point when they scroll through website.

Benefits of using Parallax Design

  • It is one of the engaging way to showcase your content
  • These technique brings element of fun and curiosity
  • It is a great way to tell visually and animated story of your services and products
  • It encourages people to spend more time on your website
  • People love to see creativity that is offered by parallax
  • A richer and enhance user experience can be gained

Has it faced setback?

Yes it did and although it visually appears to be creatively brilliant, following are few important reasons why it didn’t get outstandingly popular.

1) Slow page load

Since Parallax scrolling heavily uses Javascript/JQuery technologies, its page loading speed is significantly slow and that is quite annoying for most online users. Now the reason behind page load speed increase is due to the JavaScript plugin which has need to manipulate the position of each elements used on page. Since 2010, major search engine like Google has considered the page load speed as a ranking factor, page taking longer time to load which means user may lose interest and bounce. With all ring and bells, finally parallax remains only a visual effect which is significantly difficult to implement and also suffer to load on slow internet connections which may cause major lose in traffic.

2) Dont work on mobile devices

Parallax websites are not run effectively on mobile devices. Since more than 25% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices and is increasing rapidly, it may not quite good decision to adopt parallax design if your business is completely relying on web and has giant catalog to show.

3) Difficult for SEO

Parallax design has immense capability to attract new users and keep them engaged but what about other elements like SEO? Parallax design is not quite SEO suitable. A parallax based websites is normally a single page website and that is big problem when you want to make website a search engine friendly as it will lose out meta descriptions and titles which are very important for SEO. This also makes difficult linking other pages of website which is very important in terms of making interlinking structure strong.

Following are the few best examples of Parallax Web Design



Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds

Celeste & Luciano

Celeste - Luciano

40 great examples of parallax scrolling websites

Best websites examples of designs with parallax

However, you can stop crush your parallax website SEO as parallax design can be used without funneling web pages of entire website into single folder. Other solution is you can have parallax home page including separate parallax pages such as blog that generates dynamic content. This would instruct search engines that your website is still dynamic.