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MODX offers development creative freedom. The flexibility offered by this powerful CMS results in brilliant and scalable solutions that are particularly useful for building larger or more complex websites. KGN Technologies has professional MODX web development team and we chose to use it as it has been designed for better performance, speed, security and flexibility and most importantly SEO – all of which are important elements for any website needs these days to remain in competition. MODX has incredibly powerful built-in features including WYSIWYG editing and a blog engine which rivals WordPress. It allows developing custom and complex applications tailored to your business such as product catalogues, recruitment system, image galleries – the possibilities are endless. KGN Technologies is very well versed with the ins and outs of this remarkable CMS system, so this is very cost effective for the clients we work with.

Experienced MODX Web Developer | MODX Web Development Agency

KGN Technologies is an expert CMS website development company specializing in MODX web development with experienced MODX web developers. Market your business effectively with a bespoke MODX website and stand out in crowd.

MODX Web Development Agency

Why Work With KGN Technologies For MODX Web Development

We are experts MODX web development agency having used it as our primary CMS for our clients’ websites. We have built several websites and applications with MODX for simple style sites to an eCommerce solution and complex customized applications client portals. We have passionate team of MODX web developers who have immense experience of working on challenging MODX web development projects.

If you are looking for a reliable MODX web development company then please get in touch, we would be delighted to talk through your project with you and build a strong business relationship with you by our quality and expert MODX web development solutions.

Why Choose MODX CMS

Creative Freedom

One of the key features of MODX CMS is its flexibility. Whether you are looking for a simple website or a complex we application, MODX offers the tools and framework to elegantly develop a pretty much anything without compromising core code which results in scalable, powerful and usable web solutions.

Multiple Domains

MODX Revolution offers a robust system for controlling multiple domain/websites. It means that you can manage future microsites for different countries from one powerful CMS admin panel.

Safe & Secure

MODX is entirely created with SECURITY in mind. Every input is filtered and every database query using the API occurs through prepared statements which reduces the chances of compromises with security of website.

Architected for Speed

With MODX, your visitors won’t bother with speed. It is highly tuned database driven platform that loads website pages quick. Its caching mechanism allows it to work as fast as a static HTML website but with all the benefits of a dynamic, database-managed website.


MODX has the technical capabilities with a clever GUI that enables it to handle growing and very large complex websites. With MODX you can create limitless pages and has one of the best back-end GUI. The Tree structure can collapse and grow as with any folder structure.

Search Engine Optimization

MODX Revolution helps you create sites that perform well in search engines—in fact, it’s a great SEO CMS. Since MODX gives you 100% control over every element and tag on your page, you can always be at the forefront of SEO techniques and trends.

What our client says

I have been working with KGN for about 18 months, and my experience with them has been very positive. The team I have worked with has been phenomenal, and I would highly recommend them. Communication is excellent, responsiveness is excellent, and the work is very high quality.
Our internal testing has been completed, this is the first time ever on any project that they have found nothing that needs to be fixed - one tester commented "are these guys from outer space?"
I have worked with KGN for over 3 years. I would strongly recommend them to anyone as they take pride in every project that they are tasked with. They are on hand to help with any situation that can be thrown at them, whatever the time/day.