Website development most often needs professional expertise. The technology is ever evolving and to have healthy reputation largely depends on using modern techniques during website development

Critical Website MistakesOver the last few decades internet has transformed human lives tremendously. The revolution has lead to numerous opportunities and given rise to several virtual environments which people are using in their day to day lives. Website development technology in itself has undergone unbelievable evolution. Website interfaces, functionality, devices for accessing internet, volume of users, security and many more factors have become so important that website development need professional help particularly for ecommerce or medium to large businesses websites. For many, their virtual business environment has become more important than the traditional one. Website development is like building a house. The more bigger and luxurious it is, it will be more costly and needs expert help. For all those businesses who highly rely on their websites for business purpose there is absolutely no margin for error. It can cost a lot if your website lacks professional and modern features and can lead to bad reputation in the market. Pay attention to below list which is a compilation of common website development mistakes which needs to be avoided for having a better impression in the highly competitive and crowded web world.

1. No call to action

Call to action is a request requiring the visitors to take some action for example promoting Heavily Discounted Products, newsletter subscription, Click here to see more demo. These are few examples of Call to Actions, and they should be clear and to-the-point so that customer wont get confused and easily perform actions they want to do.

Call to action is generally a text or button which you want your users to click which can take them on a particular target page such as quote request, contact us or product detail. Every website should possess a clear call to action. Plan it by doing research during website development and place them appropriately into website to gain the best exposure.

2. Unprofessional and outdated designs

People these days have got used to modern devices, professional designs and easy navigation. Good appealing website design is the first step to grab visitors attention and tempt them to spend more time on your website. The more volume of visitors stay on your site and the more time they spend will undoubtedly result in better conversion. If your website still has dull, old looks and functionality it’s time to seriously pull up the socks. Old and poorly designed websites are like a pile of garbage: no visitors, no reputation. Visitors will simply not have a chance to come across it as it will be lying way down at the back of search engine rankings.

The solution is, hire designer from professional website development company to re-design your website template or purchase most suitable readily available website skin.

3. Clutter

Dont overflow the home page of your website with too much information (especially irrelevant and unnecessary). Providing quality and relevant information is great but should be well managed or should be provided on sub-pages. Too much information on home page certainly overwhelms or confuses your visitors about where to start. Categorize your information and use the effective methods that show only latest and essential information on landing page. Showing old news and low standard information would also cause reduction in visitors.

4. Obsolete content

Good, updated and fresh content is the food of search engine crawlers. If you dont keep your website up to date, you are inviting search engines to not bother giving any valuable credit to your website. When search engines themselves are not going to bother about you, is there other better way to improve visibility of your website to the world? Further if the content is SPAMMY there is no other option but to get black listed and attain bad reputation. Believe me, it’s very difficult to come out of that situation.

It is essential in order to increase clientele to opt for smart website development which includes modern, professional and engaging designs, superbly userfriendly functionality, easy and fully controlled content management, fast and search engine friendly website.