Lot of creative brains look for technical assistance which can convert their ideas into reality. The same concept goes in Website building too. There is an awfully rigorous time and effort spend preparing concepts, wire framing, brainstorming, asking clients their feedback, making changes – even though you insist client don’t like, coming to an agreed visual and finally have a concept which brings a smile on the face of your end customer.  So there is definite precision, quality, efficiency and reliability to be considered when thinking about a technical website development team whether inhouse or outsourced who will potentially get incharge of the hard worked designs you have created and agreed with your clients. Inhouse teams tend to be more reliable – there is no question about that. They know your standards, they know your environment, they sit right under your nose so you know what they are doing, and they know the seriousness of delivering on time. So all in all there is more control with you and chances of delivering a successful project are extremely high. But the high costs of hiring an inhouse team is what triggers the idea of outsourcing technical web development.  Some high end digital agencies, ecommerce consultants or web agencies tend to keep technical engineers in house for a simple reason of quality control but there is a large volume of companies who want to focus on business development and concept creation and have a back bone of a reliable website development company who can help them get the production quicker and as per the quality standards they expect. I would like to mention in this article what efforts we make in our company and what we think an ideal website development team should be.

A good team is fundamentally a combination of following skills:

  • Technical expertise
  • Experience
  • Efficient Leadership
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Communication
  • Quality Control
  • Industry Standard Development

They need support and to groom a right team needs:

  • Motivated and fun loving working environment
  • Company management provides right technical infrastructure for development
  • Training and guidance by certified and experienced senior team members
  • Quality and Challenging web projects which they enjoy to work

Majority of successful technical website development execution depends a lot on efficient processes and quality standards:

A BIG question in the mind of all those companies who are looking for technical web development expertise is the factor of ‘RELIABILITY’.  This word sums up a lot. What need to be focussed are just not expert technical skills but an effort to have your customer gain confidence that you can match and deliver as per their quality expectations, on time, with superb communication, post delivery support and more importantly make yourself more as a part of your client team. They should really be relieved from thinking or worrying about spending more time and monitoring the web development team. The less time they spend in monitoring and pin pointing your errors it’s a good sign that your client ‘TRUSTs’ you.  That’s the winning formula. No short cut but a complete package of hard work and good quality project production on time is what will make an efficient and successful website development team.